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Founded by seasoned Transformation catalysts, Entrepreneurs and Leaders with over 100+ years of cumulative professional experience, we help companies increase productivity and quality though organizational transformation and support, driving agility, innovation and happiness as our core mission and strength.

Consulting & Coaching

Using our in-house experts as well as our extensive partnership network, SparkFX provides on-site agile expertise to help companies launch or scale a Agile adoption and transformation.

Our consultants look to engage in high-level discussions about how Agile methods can improve delivery of products and services and how we can support the broader strategic goals. We pride our work in driving Agility, Innovation & Happiness and partner in your innovation strategy and quest for agility!

The Beginnings

Starting an Transformation journey is a redefining of a new start not just a training and coaching “gig”. It’s the initiation of a new breath of life igniting the spark in your people to pursue a goal higher than themselves.

Our coaches help build a dogma free culture of sustainable agility in the teams and help create a collaborative eco-system built on trust. We co-create this zone for your teams that drives Agility, innovation, happiness and some market changing impacts to your bottom line in this journey.

Scaling Agility & Innovation

Scaling Agile is not just a process, collaboration or framework issue, it is a cultural mindset of the organization as a whole and what brings them together and in pursuit of the what.

We approach scaling with Organizational Design , Structure and culture as a blueprint to analyze, and co-create your personal road-map. A custom coaching package which will propel your internal change agents into this journey through the transformation and execution of this goal.

Leadership Workshops

Agile can be a powerful transformation tool for your organization, but without the focused and sustained support of the executive leadership, its success can’t be fully realized. Often we see that the teams seeded with this new fire & thirst for value delivery amid any semblance of the old command and control mindsets, spiral into a reversal in no time.

Our half-day and day long Agile Leadership workshops concentrate on showing management how to support teams, remove impediments and shape the vision and lead the cultural transformations from the front.

Capabilities Assessment

SparkFX’s Agile Capability Assessment is a rapid, tailored and minimally-disruptive process that examines your company’s practices.

The assessment looks at your company’s practices, culture, mindsets from top to bottom and assesses the teams and customer impacts holistically.

The results reveal where your transformation journey is, and helps us craft solutions for how we can boost it, into a sustainable hyper productive state to excel in what you build serve and believe in as a organization.

Custom Options

All organization and each team within each organization is different and each has a different beat. Imposing a change of the same color for all has many times led to more inefficiencies than progress. We hear we are not ready for Agile yet often.

This needs an targeted effort to craft training’s and workshops to your specific need by combining our services in different ways. From a half day in-house (or remote) training to week long engagements, our services can help you deliver higher quality services and products with speed, ease, and fun. Custom services are carved and defined with an minimally intrusive intake process ahead of time in response to every company’s specific situation and need.

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